UN Women Grants Management System

The United Nations Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women Grants Management System

Grant Overview
Project Duration
2 years
No. of Countries Covered
Grant Approved in USD
$ 199,260
Disbursements in USD
$ 196,260
Project Information
Name of Organization
Ukrainian Women's Fund
Organization Type
Civil Society Organization
Project Title
Young girls leaders promote strong stand against VAW among their peers
Project Status Closed
Year of Grant Award
Project Duration
2 years
Start Date (dd/mm/yyyy)
End Date (dd/mm/yyyy)
Implementing Organizations
Ukrainian Women's Fund (UWF), Luhansk Youth Regional Collaboration Center, Zhytomyr Youth NGO “Parytet” (as the most strong NGOs, led by young girls-leaders) and 9 more young girls-led NGOs from 9 regions, Ministry of Social Policy (MSP), UN Women
Focus Area
Engage adolescents
Project Type Single Country Projects
Region of Implementation Europe & Central Asia
Sub-region of Implementation Eastern Europe and Central Asia
Country of Implementation
Total Grant Amount
$ 199,260
Contribution by Grantee
$ 0.00
Total Project Budget
$ 199,260
Annual Budget Year 1
$ 89,025
Annual Budget Year 2
$ 110,235
Annual Budget Year 3
Not Applicable
Form(s) and manifestation(s) of violence Non-partner violence - (Violence in the family)
Physical violence
Sexual violence
Psychological and emotional violence
Economic violence
Violence against the girl child - (Violence in the family)
Sexual harassment and violence in public spaces/institutions - (Violence in the community)
Violence in schools
Violence in public spaces
Project Description
Violence against women is widespread in the Ukraine with nearly 45 per cent of women experiencing violence at least once in their lifetime. Research shows that 56 per cent of Ukrainian women who survived violence in their childhood experience violence again after the age of 18.

The project implemented by the Ukrainian Women’s Fund will mobilize youth to take a stand against violence by developing capacity and building commitment among young women and girl-leaders. In the first phase of the project, 25 girl leaders will be selected from nine regions to take part in a training-of-trainers on leadership and violence against women and girls. As a result of this training, girls will create a strategy of joint actions which will be implemented during the second stage of the project, in which awareness-raising and outreach activities will be coordinated and peer-to-peer support groups established to provide girls at high risk with referrals to services. In the third stage, a unified model of work will be developed with contributions from young girl leaders and young girl survivors of violence which will be presented to the Ministry of Social Policy for endorsement as a means to strengthen referral systems and improve the quality of available support services.
Financial Overview
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Total Grant Amount (USD)
$ 199,260.00
Total amount disbursed (USD)
$ 196,260.00
Total Expenditure (USD)
$ 66,099.13
Total Grant Amount (USD) Total amount disbursed (USD) Total Amount Disbursed (%) Total Expenditure (USD) Total Expenditure (%)
$ 199,260.00 $ 196,260.00 98.49% $ 66,099.13 33.7%
Budget and expenditure per budget category
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Budget Category Budget Expenditure
USD % (against budget) USD % (against budget)
Project activities to achieve outputs and outcomes $ 128,830.00 64.65 $ 45,216.95 35.10
Improving Service Delivery $ 12,800.00 6.42 $ 0.00 0.00
Preventing Violence $ 116,030.00 58.23 $ 45,216.95 38.97
Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) $ 17,700.00 8.88 $ 5,100.73 28.82
Management (Audit, Personnel, UNTF Workshop, Indirect Cost, Equipment, Administrative Agent Fee) $ 52,730.00 26.46 $ 15,781.45 29.93
Audit $ 3,000.00 1.51 $ 0.00 0.00
Personnel $ 24,000.00 12.04 $ 8,432.36 35.13
Equipment $ 2,700.00 1.36 $ 1,108.90 41.07
$ 10,000.00 5.02 $ 3,986.89 39.87
Indirect Cost $ 13,030.00 6.54 $ 2,253.30 17.29
Total $ 199,260.00 100.00 % $ 66,099.13 33.17 %
Beneficiaries at the project goal level Click on the Key to hide/show data.
Beneficiary Group Expected Number in Total Number of beneficiaries reached
Female domestic workers
Female migrant workers
Female political activists/human rights defenders
Female sex workers
Female refugees/Internally displaced/asylum seekers
Indigenous women/from ethnic groups
Lesbian, bisexual, transgender
Women and girls in general
Women/girls with disabilities
Women/girls living with HIV and AIDS
Women/girls survivors of violence
Women prisoners
Primary Beneficiary Other
Women/girls victims of trafficking
Women/girls victims of sexual exploitation
Total 1,800 5,556

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